Our Mission

Creditinfo Academy was established with the purpose to assist the development of sustainable financial and credit management, assisting businesses with increasing their efficiency through innovative technologies. The objective is to offer diversified range of training which will help organizations as well as customers to enhance their financial responsibility. Creditinfo Academy objective is to stipulate responsible lending practices through involving with financial literacy programs. We believe that Creditinfo Academy through its courses can influence the development towards more sustainable and financial inclusive economy.

Creditinfo Academy offers a variety of seminars and trainings in the domain of Credit Risk Management, supporting customers to host, manage and convert Data to Intelligent Decisions. Creditinfo Academy is a part of Creditinfo Group with core business operating a “one-stop shop” consumer and business credit information databases and related services. We focus on flexibility, speed and aim to operate in markets where Creditinfo can be the best. Creditinfo main focus is on developing markets, providing total risk management and database solutions. In order for them to make better financial decisions and show social responsibility. Creditinfo Academy wants you to gain the knowledge, behaviors and confidence to meet the challenges of today. You and your staff will benefit from the latest strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your acumen strong and focused.