About Us

Creditinfo Academy was established with the purpose to assist the development of sustainable financial and credit management, assisting businesses with increasing their efficiency through innovative technologies. The objective is to offer diversified range of training which will help organizations as well as customers to enhance their financial responsibility. Creditinfo Academy objective is to stipulate responsible lending practices through involving with financial literacy programs. We believe that Creditinfo Academy through its courses can influence the development towards more sustainable and financial inclusive economy. Creditinfo Academy, part of Creditinfo Group, was introduced to promote education and training in the area of credit bureaus, credit risk management, sustainable finance and financial literacy.

Creditinfo Academy is a skills development and training provider that delivers generic and customized training services.

Our focus at Creditinfo Academy is to provide training for clients wanting to develop their skills to improve operational efficiency and overall business performance; as well as train consumers and assist public sector in their quest for financial inclusion.

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Creditinfo Academy Seminars & Training will:

  • Broaden your knowledge about various areas related to credit risk management and improvement of business processes
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of your company
  • Introduce new skills and innovative solutions to your staff
  • Keep you up to date with the latest industry trends and developments

We at Creditinfo Academy are committed to:

  • Assisting our partners and clients at every step of the journey towards excellence
  • Sharing best practices in credit and risk management
  • Enabling skills development in the financial and non-financial sectors
  • Increasing efficiencies of your business through innovative and automated solutions
  • Facilitation of responsible lending
  • Improving access to finance across the regions and various sectors of economies
  • Financial Inclusion

Courses offered by Creditinfo Academy include:

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Automation and Business Process Improvement
  • Credit Scoring
  • Data Quality
  • MFI and SME Lending (Management)
  • Various Finance courses e.g. IFRS 9, BASEL II & III